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Westcott Single-Socket 2-Light LED Umbrella Kit EX DEMO

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Kit with two LED lights and two umbrellas

This practical kit with two light points represents a simple and light solution to the lighting needs inside and outside the studio. The illuminators have a standard E27 socket and can be used with the high-performance LED lamps supplied or with incandescent bulbs up to 500W.

In addition to the two illuminators and the two 35W daylight / tungsten LED lamps, the kit includes two translucent 80cm umbrellas, two stands max height 190cm and a practical transport bag.

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This complete LED kit with two lights is a practical and complete solution to recreate a small studio or to make shooting or portraits and still life even on location. The two 35-watt LED continuous lights are balanced to daylight and produce a beautiful continuous light ideal for portraits, product photography and vloggers.

The product includes:

  • 2 35watt LED lights
  • 2 tungsten filters
  • 2 umbrellas
  • 2 stands
  • 1 carrying bag
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