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Westcott Flex Bi-Color LED Cine Set (30.5 x 30.5cm) EX DEMO

460,00(552,00 inc. US VAT)

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EX DEMO unit, means that this product has been used for demonstration purposes only during courses or in showrooms. The product is fully functional.

Westcott’s Flex LEDs are LED mats with high luminous intensity and high CRI and TLCI values. They are dimmable, water resistant, can be powered by both mains and batteries.
The edges are in Velcro to allow easy positioning on any surface. They are available in different sizes and in kits configured to meet any need.

This kit consists of:
a 30x30cm FLEX Led carpet with adjustable color temperature from 2800K to 6000K, Scrim Jim frame with Tilt Dual-Joint, Full stop diffuser cloth, mains power supply and digital dimmer

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