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Westcott Apollo Orb Speedlite Octabox Kit (109.2cm) PROMO

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110cm octagonal softbox for hot shoe

Apollo Orb Spedlite kit è the first softbox Westcott octagonal that works without one adapter ring . This soft box compact opens like an umbrella . Just place the hot shoe inside, insert the diffuser sheet and, in no time at all, you’re ready to shoot. This softbox has a very deep profile for maximum light directionality, and its octagonal shape is ideal for creating points of light in the eyes of people portrayed. For greater directionality, it is possible to install the diffuser in a rear position.

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The product includes:

  • 1 umbrella softbox with front diffuser sheet
  • 1 hinged flash holder
  • 1 stand (min height 78cm – max. 2,4m)
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