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Syrp ND Super Dark Variabile kit small

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67mm variable ND filter with two 58 and 52mm adapter rings

The Syrp Variable ND Filter allows exposure reduction from 5 stops (ND32) to 10 stops (ND1024) by simply turning the front ring. The excursion is limited to avoid exceeding the limits beyond which the “cross” effect could appear. The front of the filter is threaded so you can stack other filters if needed, and also fit the cap.

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What do ND filters do?

The super dark variable ND filter is the perfect accessory to take your photography and time-lapse to the next level. The filter allows you to use a slower shutter speed in a daytime situation or when there is a lot of light and add more creativity to your scenes. The filters are built with high quality Japanese glass and each kit has a leather case where you can store everything and a cleaning cloth.

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