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Syrp Genie EX DEMO

399,00 (ex VAT)

Simple and portable solution for time lapse and video control

Genie is the heart of the Syrp system.
Simple, versatile, portable, it allows you to control movement fluently in both video and time lapse shooting.
Within moments, Genie adapts to any shooting situation. The interchangeable base allows its use for both linear and panoramic movement and is compatible with any professional or even self-built hardware.
Genie lets you tell your stories in a whole new way, helping you bring your creative vision to life. It will be love at first sight!

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Maximum speed Linear (Slider) – 100 cm / 25 sec.
Panoramic (Tripod) – 360 ° / 6 sec.
Load 15Kg – relative to handling on Magic Carpet sliders positioned horizontally.
Note: The load limits vary according to the positioning of the slider
For sliders positioned vertically it is not advisable to handle equipment heavier than 1.4Kg
Battery Li-ion 11.1V internal battery
Charging time: 4 hours Battery life:
More than 24 hours in time lapse mode * and more than 6 hours in video mode **
* Based on 360 degrees of motion with photos taken at 10 second intervals.
** Based on continuous rotation at full speed. Battery life may vary based on other factors , such as how much weight is used on the device, whether it is used in Time Lapse or video mode, and whether the Genie is used for movement on an incline.
Power supply Input: 240/110 50 / 60hz AC
Output: 15V 1.5A DC
Interface USB port (firmware update)
2,5 mm Remote interface (link cable)
3,5 mm IR sensor interface
15 DC input (charging port)
Compatibility Genie is compatible with almost all cameras currently on the market, including DSLRs and camcorders.
Firmware The firmware is user upgradeable.
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