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Sekonic L-208 TwinMate Analog Light Meter

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The TwinMate L208 light meter is the entry-level product of the Sekonic range. Extremely compact, it is equipped with a slide lumisphere for quick selection of the light reading mode from incident to reflected. Extremely compact dimensions and only 40 grams of weight for this vintage design Sekonic light meter with analogue needle reading of the lighting.

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Sekonic L-208 TwinMate

The Sekonic L-208 TwinMate is a palm-sized analog light meter for hand-held incident and reflected ambient light readings. It can also be mounted onto a camera or bracket using the included hot-shoe adapter for quick, camera-positioned reference readings. Though designed primarily for entry-level users, long-time shooters look to the Sekonic L-208 TwinMate as an accurate, easy-to-stow back-up meter. Owners of rangefinder cameras who desire an incident and reflected meter also appreciate the included shoe mount.

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Metering Type


Measuring System:
Exposure Meter – Incident light: Fixed head; Reflected light: Switching, 33 deg. with built-in lens

Measuring Range and Modes

Measuring Modes Ambient Light:
T priority, F priority,

Measuring Range (ISO 100) Ambient Incident Light:
3 to 17EV

Measuring Range (ISO 100) Ambient Reflected Light:
3 to 17EV

ISO Range:
ISO 12 to 12,500

Aperture Range (Ambient Light):
F1.4 to 32 in 1, 1/2 step

Shutter Speeds Range (Ambient Light):
30s to 1/8,000s in 1 step

EV Range (Ambient Light):
EV3 to EV17


Operating Temperature:
0 to 40 deg. C

Storage Temperature:
-20 to 60 deg. C

Power source:
3.0V × 1 (CR2032 battery)

Weight (lbs.):

Weight (KG):

Product Depth Inches:

Product Width Inches:

Product Height Inches:

Product Depth Centimeters:

Product Width Centimeters:

Product Height Centimeters:

Product Metric Weight Grams:

Item Includes

  • Sekonic L-208 TWINMATE – Analog Incident and Reflected Light Meter
  • Operating Manual
  • Strap
  • Carrying Case
  • Shoe Mounting Plate with Screw
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