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Sekonic Exposure Profile Target II

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A 25-zone target that gathers more information about the camera exposure characteristics of the previous target. It consists of two parts: An 18% gray card used for custom gray (white) pre-profiling digital balance cameras, a target profile consisting of a central 18% gray element surrounded by 24 areas arranged at 1/6 stop values from the brightest to the darkest. Target II exposure is faster, the most accurate test as it only takes three shots to collect a wide range of exposure data from the camera’s imaging system. The first shot is taken at the normal measured exposure determined by a Sekonic L-758DR. The second shot is made at -3EV below the measured exposure and the third shot at 3EV above the measured exposure. Target II exposure is fully compatible with free data transfer software and L-758DR and L-758Cine exposure meters to profile camera and lens combinations. The result is the accuracy of the total exposure.

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