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Rogue Photographic Design Grid Inserts for Flash Grid (White)

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White grids (inserts only) for the Rogue stackable grid system!

The grille is a professional accessory capable of providing a sharp and concentrated light.

Grids with angles of different sizes allow you to control the amplitude of the light projected on the subject, the Rogue Grid system provides the possibility of providing three different degrees by superimposing the two grids supplied.

Photographers looking for a smoother light / shadow transition can find some help in the new white honeycomb inserts.

The reflection of the new material creates a halo effect around the central luminous point produced by the Rogue Grid. While the black grids produce a dry passage from light to ‘shadow, the white grids offer photographers a smoother transition.

The package contains only the inserts, so for use it is necessary to have the stackable grids kit.

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