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Phottix M5 Mini LED light

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A tiny but powerful LED RGB panel

The Phottix M5 mini LED panel is the smallest and pocket-sized of the Phottix LED panels, with 50 points LED points it creates a total power of 3.5 watts at a color temperature of 6600K, dimmable in five levels, so you can adjust the brightness according to your needs.

Includes a clip for Notebook, Tablet and Smartphone with cold-shoe adapter.

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The Phottix M5 mini LED is a tiny pocket size LED, yet full of power. Following the successful design of the popular M200R LED model, the smaller M5 LED features 50 LED bulbs to illuminate overall 3.5 watts (440 lux at 0.5 m under 6600k) at a color temperature of 6600K. The five steps dim will make it possible to adjust the brightness according to the needs.

The M5 LED is powered by the integrated rechargeable battery. Alternatively, it can be charged by any external power bank via micro USB (5V500mA), so one never runs out of power when taking photos, video recording, live streaming, web conferencing, outdoor activities, fill light or anywhere else you need a compact and flexible light source.

The M5 LED light comes with a notebook monitor clip for easy mount on the notebook, tablets or smartphone. The bottom 1/4” threaded mounting lug allows this LED light to mount it on a mini stand or light stand to adjust to any set up anyone needs.


  • Appearance streamlined design of M200R
  • Tiny size – 72 x 41 x 10.5mm
  • Light-weight – 44g
  • 5 steps Brightness range
  • Color temperature – 6600K (±500K)
  • Monitor clip compatible for Notebook and Mobile Phone
  • 1/4″screw mounting

What’s included:

  • Phottix M5 LED light
  • Notebook monitor clip
  • Cold shoe adapter
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