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Nanlite Forza 300B

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Nanlite Forza 300B is a monolight Bi-Color LED designed to provide maximum light output in a compact and ultra-versatile format. Weighing only 2.3 Kg Forza 300B incorporates a single COB LED that delivers up to 37440 Lux at 1 meter with a color temperature of 5600K. All while maintaining excellent color rendering CRI / TLCI 98/97 .

Main features:

– Rated power of 355W

– Variable color temperature 2700K – 6500K

– High color rendering of CRI / TLCI 98/97

– Simple and intuitive control user interface

– 12 programmable special lighting effects

– Multiple control options including 2.4G, Bluetooth (App), WS-RC-C1 and DMX

– Native Bowens / S-Mount modifier attachment

– Can be powered by both mains and battery (2x V-Mount)

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Ultra bright

Equipped with the standard reflector included, Forza 300B generates an impressive 37440 Lux at 1 meter with a color temperature of 5600K up to an astonishing brightness of 140000 Lux at 1 meter equipped with the Nanlite sold separately. All this power can be adjusted from a maximum of 100% up to 1% of the total power allowing the shooting of any scene without the addition of ND filters.

Variable color temperature

Forza 300B integrates a single COB (Chip On Board) LED with a color temperature ranging from 2700k to 6500K allowing you to easily match the surrounding light, ambient or artificial, without the use of jellies.

Lightweight and compact design

Designed to eliminate the hassles of transporting lighting equipment, Forza 300B weighs only 2.55 kg and is compact enough to fit in any carrying bag.

Color perfection

Light power is certainly important, but without adequate color accuracy, a lot of time and money is lost in unnecessary post-production. Nanlite Forza 300B has an excellent color rendering of CRI / TLCI 98/97 which translates into total confidence in the colors reproduced in the images.

Maximum compatibility

Using the universal Bowens / S-mount bayonet, Forza 300B is natively compatible with a myriad of Softbox modifiers, Reflectors and much more including professional quick-release softboxes Phottix Raja .

Practical special effects

With 12 pre-set lighting effects that can be programmed from the intuitive display menu, Forza 300B makes it very easy to reproduce lighting scenarios that would otherwise be complex to recreate. With the press of a button you can simulate special effects including CCT Loop, INT Loop, pulse, candle / fire, paparazzi, a thunderstorm, a TV screen, flash, fireworks, explosions, soldering or a malfunctioning lamp .

Separate control unit

To achieve maximum versatility, the Forza 300B control panel with attached power supply and battery plate has been positioned in a single separate unit so that it is always easily accessible while also maintaining a low center of gravity. The control unit also allows connection via DMX / RDM for an easily accessible connection to environments controlled via DMX

Also battery operated

Perfect for use in the studio and on location, Forza 300B can be powered with the included power supply or via two 14.8V V-Mount batteries (not included) for use anywhere.

Maximum versatility in the studio

Equipped with a standard 5/8 “connection, Forza 300B can be mounted on any light stand and thanks to the 330 ° joint it is extremely easy to position and direct it even from above using pantographs. Also thanks to the very quiet active fan, Forza 300B does not fear the most sensitive audio recordings.

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