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Light & Motion Stella Pro Reflex S Portrait Kit

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Stella Pro Reflex S by Light & Motion is the first true Continuous Strobe Hybrid (CSH) light, featuring Digital Burst technology which makes Stella Pro Reflex also a Flash allowing up to 20 fps with variable burst Duration Control down to 0,4 ms.

  • Up to 9000 Lumens in Continuous Mode and 18.000 in Burst Mode
  • Variable burst Duration Control: 6 ms – 0,4 ms
  • Ultra light, less than 785g (including battery handle)
  • IP-65 water resistance, 1-meter impact resistant
  • Native Elinchrom Quadra bayonet and compatible with Profoto and Bowens/Godox accessories (with adapters)
  • Battery can produce up to 15.000 full-power, 5ms burst on a single charge
  • Controlled remotely by Godox and Elinchrom triggers
  • Power from its battery handle or from external USB-C(100W)

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Made with Reflex S Stella Pro Kit…

Kit includes

  • 1x Stella Pro Reflex S
  • 1x Reflex Professional Light Stand Mount
  • 1x Elinchrom Portalite Softbox 66×66
  • 1x Elinchrom RQ Portalite Speedring


Reflex. One light. Every shot

Stella Pro Reflex can delivers powerful continuous light and flash (“Digital Burst”).
Digital Burst technology is a patented design that allows the StellaPro Reflex S to capture up to 20 perfectly lit frames per second (10 fps with the Reflex) in full-power bursts at any shutter speed without misfiring or overheating.
The flexibility to instantly switch from continuous to Digital Burst and back enables photographers, videographers, and photojournalists to focus on their story, not the gear.
Thoughtfully designed with light shaping tools that are easy to use and deliver light control not possible with conventional flash.
The swappable battery handle delivers 6000 lumens at full power for 30 minutes and allows the flexibility to mount the Reflex light head or battery to a light stand. It can also be powered by an external USB-C (100W) power source.


Reflex does flash. Reflex does continuous.

Introducing Digital Burst
Digital Burst (DB) delivers a longer duration flash that creates similar total illumination as a strobe.
Shutter speed faster than 1/200th of a second requires strobes to shoot in high speed sync (HSS), which reduces the strobe power by as much as 80%.
Digital Burst can shoot 20 bursts per second for 10 minutes straight while strobes overheat in HSS after about 10 images and need to cool down, taking well over 1 second to recharge.

Digital Burst

  • Burst at up to 20 frames per second
  • Maintains full power at sync speeds over 1/250th second
  • Variable burst Duration Control: 6 ms – 0,4 ms
  • 15,000 full power bursts from a single battery charge (not a typo)
  • 625 lux-seconds at 1 meter with Spot Optic


  • Flicker free – tested to 1000 frames per second
  • 9,000 lumens with external 100W USB-C power supply
  • 6,000 lumens with interchangeable battery handle
  • 43,000 lux at 1 meter with Spot Optic


Additional control and faster speed

Be Certain

Reflex is built for the photographer on the go. Reflex can be dropped on concrete and withstands heavy rain.

Be Spontaneous

The speed of Digital Burst and the wide selection of easy to use light shaping tools prepares you for any situation.

Be Hybrid

Capture what your creative mind imagines. With Reflex you’ll never miss the shot.


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