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Light & Motion Stella Pro 1000

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Powerful compact and underwater 120 ° flood LED illuminator up to 100 meters

A powerful compact lighting solution for point-and-shoot professionals. Stella 1000 is a single point LED illuminator (spLED) and is the ideal choice for mobile content creators who need daylight that is easily portable and powerful enough to be used as the main light for interviews. Weighing approximately 270 grams including the integrated Li-Ion battery, Stella 1000 fits easily on professional rigs and DSLRs. With no cables to connect or the need for heating, Stella is immediately ready for use.

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The product includes:

Stella 1000 Illuminator, 25 ° Fresnel, YS Mount Hinge, Rail Mount Connector, 1 / 4-20 Adapter, 12V Battery Charger / Power Supply


  • High Output COB Chip on Board LED: Eliminates the multi-shadow effect that can be a problem with panel-style light sources.
  • Colored LED indicators provide accurate battery status
  • Sophisticated flicker free design
  • Regulated flow output – does not decrease during use
  • Output up to 1,000 Lux at 1 meter (113 Lux at 3 Meters) with Fresnel lens
  • Li-ion battery built-in rechargeable : Stella 1000 can work without cables for 90-700 minutes.
  • Fast charge in 1.75 hours, 80% charge in 1 hour
  • Continuous or step adjustment.
  • Fanless passive cooling for quiet operation
  • 120 ° (native) controlled beam angle can be reduced to 25 ° with the included modifier
  • Certified performance (FL-1 standard)
  • Multiple power options: For longer shots simply connect Stella to any AC or DC power source, including professional V-Loc batteries, with optional DTap cable.

Compatible accessories available separately:

  • 50mm 25 ° Fresnel lens (code: 061-800-0304-A)
  • Stella 1000 Tungsten Filter (code: 061-800-0315-A)
  • Flaps (code: 061-800-0308-A)
  • 50mm diffuser (code: 061-800-0305-A)
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