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Gaffer Tape 48mm 50m

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High quality Gaffer Tape
Width: 48mm
Length: 55m

Product supplied with relative certifications

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Our Gaffer Tape is characterized by an excellent adhesive property combined with the typical characteristics of a Gaffer tape:

  • Removes easily without leaving residue on most surfaces (always test in one area before applying)
  • Easily conformable
  • Easy to cut with your hands
  • Matte black finish

What is Gaffer Tape?

It is a special adhesive cloth tape. It is characterized by the support which is not plastic but is a special fabric that makes it easily adaptable to the surface on which it is applied and is characterized by good deformability.

The fabric makes it more resistant to heat and the adhesive backing can be removed without leaving residues and, generally, without damaging the surface on which it is applied (although it is always advisable to make a prior verification).

The Gaffer Tape is perfect for fixing cables, paper or vinyl backdrops to the ground, fixing a frost or a sheet of gelatin in front of an illuminator and for all those uses where you must quickly and securely lock some accessories

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