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Elinchrom Rotalux Go Strip Softbox 35x75cm

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Strip is when you want a top-to-bottom Light.

Opt for a Rotalux Go Strip Softbox, especially for creative product photography. They are great for bottles and other curved reflective objects. They have a silver interior to maximize output, a 30° grid, and two removable diffusers for more control. You can use them for 3⁄4 length portraits too, or to light backgrounds where the length helps avoid fall-off from top to bottom.

Rotalux Go softboxes can be set up in an instant like umbrellas, making them the ideal companion to battery-powered units.

Available in 3 different shapes and sizes, the Elinchrom Rotalux Go softbox use fabrics with similar characteristics as the renowned Rotalux range and therefore is the fastest go-to quality softbox for your next adventure.

Ring not included, to be purchased separately according to the flash model.

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Rotalux Go, the instant Softbox just got better.

Rotalux Go complements Elinchrom’s softbox offering with a strong focus on portability and speed setup with the added benefit of fabric closer to the Rotalux range.

Most Softboxes need to be set up, which can be complicated and time- consuming. Umbrellas are very fast to set up but spread light everywhere. On the other hand, Rotalux offers a precise light spread control and has the option of Rotagrids to add another level of control.

Rotalux Go combines the best of two worlds; fast setup, good control of the light spread with an included grid, all in a very transportable form factor.

Included Grids

With the included 30° degree grids you can control and reduce the spread of light to create your ideal shot.

Pack up and go

Similar to umbrellas, the Elinchrom Rotalux Go is easy to transport.
Just fold it down into its dedicated carry bag and head to your next shoot.

Rotalux Go Adapters

For maximum compatibility Elinchrom offers 6 adapter rings that will allow you to use Rotalux Go with most strobes and led lights.

The Rotalux Go adapter ring is not included with the softbox and must be purchased separately.

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