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Elinchrom Rotalux Deep Octa Indirect 150cm

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The most popular among the Rotalux

The narrow shape of the Deep Octabox softbox reduces light scatter and creates sharper shadows than traditional softboxes. This softbox diffuses the light very evenly over the entire surface of the outer cloth and is also suitable for use as direct light (without a cloth) to give a pleasant beauty dish effect.

This Elinchrom SoftBox is based on the design of the Rotalux Octabox proposed here in an indirect light version: Included in the package you will find a second ring that allows the classic mounting of the torch outside the SoftBox. You choose whether to use it for Direct or Indirect light !!

Ring not included, to be purchased separately according to the flash model:
Elinchrom Bowens Profoto Profoto OCF Broncolor Hensel

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