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Elinchrom ONE

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Follow the story wherever it takes you.

Always be ready when inspiration strikes with the supremely compact and lightweight Elinchrom ONE. With only 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs), the ONE merges 131Ws of capacity with features including an integrated Li-ion battery, USB-C Active Charging, TTL, HSS, and a streamlined touch interface into a low profile housing.

A portable, rugged and dependable off-camera flash equipped for your next adventure.
Wherever that will be.

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Keep a low profile

Add the versatility of an off-camera flash with light shaping capabilities to any kit while maintaining a minimal footprint with the Elinchrom ONE. Similar in size and weight (1.5kg / 3.3 lbs) to a 70-200mm lens, the ONE is ready to travel with you anywhere and everywhere.

Brave the elements

The Elinchrom ONE utilizes a sealed Li-ion battery for maximum portability and enhanced protection from the elements while on location. Plus, you are not tied to proprietary spare batteries or chargers with the ability to charge from any USB-C source.

Never lose momentum

Capable of producing 725 full-power flashes on a single charge, the Elinchrom ONE is ready for longer shoots. Additionally, with Active Charging, the ONE can be connected to a power source and continue shooting while charging regardless of the battery’s power level, keeping your workflow uninterrupted.

Shape your story

Shaping light is at the heart of every great photo you create. Designed around an unconcealed flash tube for optimal light spread, the Elinchrom ONE ensures you experience the beautiful light quality Elinchrom is known for.

Your choice of light modifiers

Engineered to use the newly developed Elinchrom OCF modifier mount, the Elinchrom ONE is also natively compatible with most Profoto® OCF light shapers, greatly expanding your selection of available light shaping tools.
The included Elinchrom OCF to Bayonet Adapter enables quick mounting to speedrings and reflectors using the traditional Elinchrom bayonet.

Do more with less

Engineered for peak efficiency, the Elinchrom ONE utilizes its 131 Ws of capacity to generate a light output usually seen in 200 Ws units. At 1 meter (3.3ft) and 100 ISO, the ONE can achieve F-11.9, with the Diffusion Dome attached, and when combined with the HP Reflector, the achievable F-Stop climbs to F-45.2.

Navigate swiftly

With a touchscreen interface and a newly designed menu structure, experience a streamlined access to the ONE’s settings to ensure you never miss a chance to capture the moment.

Key features:

  • Supreme portability
    Weighing only 1.5kg (3.3 lbs) and similar in size than a 70-200mm lens, the ONE is ready to travel with you anywhere and everywhere.
  • Integrated Li-Ion battery
    Enables up to 725 full-power flashes on a single charge and enhanced protection from the elements while on location.
  • USB-C charge port
    Charge the Elinchrom ONE from any USB-C source without proprietary spare batteries or chargers.
  • Active Charging
    Connect the Elinchrom ONE to a power source and continue shooting while charging regardless of the battery’s power level.
  • Elinchrom OCF modifier mount
    Natively compatible with Profoto OCF and the traditional Elinchrom bayonet mount via an included adapter.
  • Touch screen interface
    Clever and streamlined interface designed to provide the most efficient user experience and quick set up times.
  • Powerful bicolor LED modeling lamp
    Adjustable color temperature of 2700 to 6500 with an output of 3000 Lumens and a CRI 95.
  • Fast recycle times and precise color accuracy
    The ONE recycles in 0.9 seconds at full power and maintains a /- 150K color temperature over the entire power range.
  • Sync up to 1/8000s with HSS
    Freeze motion, overpower ambient light and darken backgrounds.
  • TTL with Manual Lock
    Enables a quick switch from TTL to manual without losing exposure settings.
  • Smart Pro-Active cooling
    The Elinchrom ONE learns your shooting style and adapts its cooling cycle around it.
  • Removable tilt-head
    The two-way metal tilt-head with 7-8 mm umbrella mount detaches, making the Elinchrom ONE ergonomic for hand-holding.



Energy (Ws/J)


F-Stop (1m, 100 ISO, HP Reflector 26 cm (10.2”), max power)


F-Stop (1m, 100 ISO, OCF Diffusion Dome, max power)


Power range (F-Stop)


Power range (Ws/J)

7 – 131

Power range display

0.1 – 4.3 (Elinchrom scale) / 5.8 – 10 / 7 – 131 (Ws scale)

Power increments in Manual / TTL mode

0.1 F-Stop / 0.3 F-Stop

Flash duration t0.1 min/max power (Normal mode)

1/1530s – 1/155s

Flash duration t0.1 min/max power (Action mode)

1/7000s – 1/625s

Recycling time min/max power

0.06s / 0.9s

Flash mode

Manual / TTL / HSS (with Transmitter Pro)

Action mode

Faster flash duration over the power range

Flash colour temperature at max power

5900 K (Action) / 5600 K (HSS)

Flash colour stability over the power range (all modes)

±150 K

Power stability


Auto power dumping

Adjusts power settings automatically in real time

Fan cooled

Smart proactive cooling






Li-Ion – Built-in – 41.04Wh

Battery capacity min/max power (LED lamp OFF)

9700 / 725

Battery capacity min/max power (LED lamp ON 100%)

3700 / 550

Battery charge status

On the display if ON and side logo if OFF

Charging time (with 65W USB-C Wall Charger)

60 m (80%) – 100 m (100%) / Fast charge (unit is ON) 80 m (80%) – 135 m (100%) / Slow charge (unit is OFF)

Charging time (with 18W 20000 mAh Power Bank)

80 m (80%) – 135 m (100%) / Fast charge (unit is ON) 105 m (80%) – 180 m (100%) / Slow charge (unit is OFF)



LED modeling lamp modes

ON/OFF, free, proportional, VFC

LED modeling lamp power

20W / equivalent to 120W / 3000 lm / CRI 95

LED modeling lamp color temperature

Presets from 2700 K to 6500 K

LED run time (LED only, min/max power)

10 hours / 90 minutes


Skyport (built-in)

20 frequency channels, 4 Groups

Skyport distance range (Transmitter Pro, manual mode)

Indoor: up to 60 m / Outdoor: up to 200 m


Version 4.2 / Compatible Studio Software Win, Mac, iOS


Umbrella fitting (on tilt head)

7 – 8 mm


with Diffusion Dome and tilt head

23 x 16.5 x 10.5 cm 9 x 6.5 x 4.1 inches


without Diffusion Dome and tilt head

22.5 x 10 x 10 cm 8.5 x 3.9 x 3.9 inches

Weight (with/without tilt head)

1.5 kg – 3.3 lbs / 1.3 kg – 2.9 lbs

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