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Elinchrom Flashtube plugin for D-lite One/2/4

50,40 (ex VAT)
Flash tube plugin for all Elinchrom D-Lite models (D-lite One / 2/4).

Westcott 45W Daylight Dimmable LED Bulb with Tungsten Cap

48,00 (ex VAT)
This 45W LED bulb is composed of 72 light diodes capable of guaranteeing over 20,000 hours of use. The LEDs emit a light with high color rendering 95 CRI balanced daylight (5600K), completely Flicker-Free, which can be converted through the special conversion filter to a warmer temperature in order to be used with incandescent lamps. Thanks to its small size and the universal E27 screw attachment, this bulb is compatible with most of the available illuminators, including native ones for incandescent lamps.

Completely remotely dimmable thanks to the special optional remote control.

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