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Westcott Flex Bi-Color LED Cine Set (30.5 x 30.5cm) EX DEMO

460,00 (ex VAT)
EX DEMO unit, means that this product has been used for demonstration purposes only during courses or in showrooms. The product is fully functional.

Westcott’s Flex LEDs are LED mats with high luminous intensity and high CRI and TLCI values. They are dimmable, water resistant, can be powered by both mains and batteries.
The edges are in Velcro to allow easy positioning on any surface. They are available in different sizes and in kits configured to meet any need.

This kit consists of:
a 30x30cm FLEX Led carpet with adjustable color temperature from 2800K to 6000K, Scrim Jim frame with Tilt Dual-Joint, Full stop diffuser cloth, mains power supply and digital dimmer


Phottix Mitros+ TTL Transceiver Flash for Canon EX DEMO

210,00 (ex VAT)
EX DEMO FROM OUR SHOW-ROOM – 1 pcs available

This kit consists of an Odin II transmitter for Sony and a Mitros flash transceiver for Sony.
By purchasing this kit you will be able, by installing the Odin II transmitter on your Sony camera, to control all the Mitros functions via radio by operating it both in TTL and in manual


Syrp Genie EX DEMO

399,00 (ex VAT)

Syrp Genie EX DEMO

399,00 (ex VAT)

Simple and portable solution for time lapse and video control

Genie is the heart of the Syrp system.
Simple, versatile, portable, it allows you to control movement fluently in both video and time lapse shooting.
Within moments, Genie adapts to any shooting situation. The interchangeable base allows its use for both linear and panoramic movement and is compatible with any professional or even self-built hardware.
Genie lets you tell your stories in a whole new way, helping you bring your creative vision to life. It will be love at first sight!


Westcott uLite Tungsten 2-Light Collapsible Softbox Kit EX DEMO

154,00 (ex VAT)
uLite SoftBox kit represents a complete and economical solution designed to solve the most common lighting needs in portrait photography or video.

The kit includes:

– 2 uLite illuminators
– 1 SoftBox 50x50cm
– 1 Octagonal SoftBox 66cm
– 2 tungsten 3200K 500W / 220V lamps
– 2 stands h max 200cm

Complete your uLite kit with a LiteIgloo, and you will also be able to create great photos for catalogs and ads on the internet!

This kit can be converted into a LED light kit simply by purchasing 2 LED 031-345 lamps


Phottix Strato TTL Flash Trigger Set for Canon EX DEMO

60,00 (ex VAT)
1 pc from our showroom –

This Phottix Strato TTL radio remote control kit is compatible with the Canon system and consists of a transmitter and a receiver.

The TTL layer allows you to synchronize Mitros flashes and Canon and compatible flashes, transmitting the TTL signal and other functions such as lighting for AF, exposure compensation up / -3 stops, rear-curtain sync and synchronization of the shutter up to 1 / 8000s
The LCD display on the transmitter allows for easy setting of channels and functions. Through a USB port it is also possible to update the firmware of the Strato TTL

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