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Light & Motion Stella Pro Reflex Professional Light Stand Mount

45,60 (ex VAT)

The Professional Light Stand Mount adds the flexibility to mount the Reflex light head or Reflex light with battery to a light stand.

Light & Motion C-Stand Mount

30,40 (ex VAT)
Mount C-Stand for LED illuminators Light & Motion Stella Pro .

Phottix-MT-One Mini Tripod

12,35 (ex VAT)
Phottix MT-ONE is a small portable tripod that can be used as a stand for smartphones, microphones and cameras or as a hand-grip (selfie stick type) for video shooting with smartphone and microphone or LED light.

Manfrotto 013 – Adapter Spigot

8,21 (ex VAT)

Universal 16 mm spigot with double male thread 1/4 ” and 3/8 ”.
Ideal in conjunction with the Superclamp to install light points in positions where it is not possible to use a stand.

Phottix MT3 Mini Tripod 5 in 1 Kit

21,85 (ex VAT)
Phottix MT3 is a unique mini tripod that allows 5 different configurations and thanks to the portable design you can take it anywhere. Perfect for traveling, video recording, stream photography, location shooting and live streams.

Phottix Umbrella Swivel US-A3

15,00 (ex VAT)
Hinge for umbrellas and ball head flashes. Extremely compact dimensions, maximum ease of positioning.

Phottix Varos H-mount Plate and Strap

8,55 (ex VAT)
Phottix Varos-H mount plate allows you to mount a speedlite horizontally on a joint of the type Varos-Pro BG or Varos Pro M .

It is composed of a plate with velcro strap to hold the body of the flash. A male shank is fixed under the plate to be inserted in the Varos Pro BG joint (or similar).

This prevents the flash tube from being too high in relation to the umbrella shaft or umbrella softbox, thus improving lighting uniformity and improving the stability of the structure.

Light & Motion Umbrella Holder YS Mount Base

30,40 (ex VAT)
The YS Mount with integrated umbrella holder hole allows you to mount any modifier umbrella on Light & Motion Stella Pro .

Nanlite Forza 60 Bowens Mount Adapter

16,00 (ex VAT)
The Bowens adapter with bracket for Nanlite Forza 60 / 60B allows you to maximize the potential of Forza 60 / 60B, facilitating its use with various Bowens accessories. The bracket allows you to support both the accessories and the Forza 60 / 60B illuminator, avoiding possible damage due to heavy accessories.

Nanlite Forza 60 Battery Grip

22,00 (ex VAT)
For those using Forza 60 / 60B without being able to connect to the network, the Sony NP-F Battery Grip for Nanlite Forza 60 / 60B is an ideal and ergonomic solution designed to balance the illuminator with the battery and any attached accessories. The battery grip has two NP-F750 battery slots that will run Forza 60 / 60B for up to one hour at full power. Retractable feet allow the grip and light to stand independently.

Phottix Essentials Reflector Holder H (a reflector arm & a universal swivel included)

36,10 (ex VAT)
Rod with stand attachment ideal for photographers who work alone and who want to support the reflector without difficulty on stands or other types of articulated arms.

Photoflex Shoemount Multi-Clamp

19,00 (ex VAT)

Useful accessory that allows the use of umbrellas even with small flashes with the classic sled attachment. Allows the independent orientation of flash and umbrella. It has a tripod mount.

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