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Phottix brand expand to meet the changing needs of a diverse community of Creators with gear that is adaptable, affordable and ultimately, makes it easier to create whatever it is they need to create. With over 40 patents, numerous awards and a team of passionate engineers and designers, Phottix offer a wide range of LEDs, Studio Lights, Shoe-Mount Flashes, Softboxes, Light Stands, and Wireless Remotes.

Phottix Pop One Snoot Optical Condenser with Gobos and Color Gels

389,00 (ex VAT)

Phottix Pop One Snoot Optical Condenser allows you to get creative with gobo projections, 40° degrees Spot Light and Color Gels. For Bowens mount COB LED Light or spotlight.


  • Pop One Snoot body (40° Lens)
  • Gobos x12
  • Gobo holder
  • Color Gels x5
  • Color Gel frame

Phottix X600 COB Monolight LED 500W

809,00 (ex VAT)

The new Phottix X600 COB Monolight LED creates a new trend of LED continuous lighting that broadens the limits of classic flash strobe lighting. The X600 COB Monolight LED light has an ultimate output power of 500W brightness and provides excellent light quality within 5600K daylight.

The Phottix X600 LED light is equipped with a Bowens mount making it possible to be used with a wide range of popular light modifiers including Phottix’s Raja Quick-Folding Softboxes. The brightness in lumens is up to 28000lux@2m with the standard reflector.

The X600 LED light features a separate external controller with an LCD display where you can adjust the brightness, using the built-in 5 scenario effects modes and DMX mode. The X600 LED light can also be controlled from a 2.4G Remote control with 99 channels (included). Can be powered by AC power or V-mount lithium battery (not included).

Phottix M100R RGB light

59,00 (ex VAT)

The most pocket-sized of the Phottix RGB series

Phottix M100R RGB Light is a powerful and pocket-sized RGB LED panel suitable for photography and video. With an exceptional color rendering of 96 CRI+ it Incorporates the latest Flicker-free LED technology making it super efficient and durable.

Includes smartphone clip with cold-shoe adapter and 1/4 “mount.

Phottix M5 Mini LED light

23,00 (ex VAT)

A tiny but powerful LED RGB panel

The Phottix M5 mini LED panel is the smallest and pocket-sized of the Phottix LED panels, with 50 points LED points it creates a total power of 3.5 watts at a color temperature of 6600K, dimmable in five levels, so you can adjust the brightness according to your needs.

Includes a clip for Notebook, Tablet and Smartphone with cold-shoe adapter.

Phottix Rani II 60 Folding Beauty Dish (60cm, Silver, 16-Rod)

105,00 (ex VAT)

Phottix Rani II 60 is a folding beauty dish that sets up like a softbox with the innovative “Push and Pull” quick closure for quick assembly of the beauty dish. Rani II 60 can be conveniently closed in a transport bag included.

  • Innovative “Push and Pull” system making setup easy
  • Includes front diffuser and inner baffle for soft, wraparound lighting
  • Fabric honeycomb grid included to control light spill
  • 16 Fiberglass rods
  • Made from durable, professional grade material
  • Zippered carrying bag included

Phottix Rani II 85 Folding Beauty Dish (85cm, Silver, 16-Rod)

122,00 (ex VAT)

Phottix Rani II 85 is a folding beauty dish that sets up like a softbox with the innovative “Push and Pull” quick closure for quick assembly of the beauty dish. Rani II 85 can be conveniently closed in a transport bag included.

  • Innovative “Push and Pull” system making setup easy
  • Includes front diffuser and inner baffle for soft, wraparound lighting
  • Fabric honeycomb grid included to control light spill
  • 16 Fiberglass rods
  • Made from durable, professional grade material
  • Zippered carrying bag included

Phottix Solar BG Magic Light Kit

46,00 (ex VAT)

Phottix Solar BG Magic Light Kit is a new continuous LED light which integrates a colored optical system that allows infinite creative lighting possibilities and graphic compositions.

  • Interchangeable lens between Sunset and Rainbow effect
  • Portable: weighs only 340g
  • Power supply via USB (also with a power bank)
  • Controller with 10 steps brightness range
  • head can be rotated 180 degrees
  • Light Stand included

M200R in photo not included

Phottix X160 LED COB Bi-Color

539,00 (ex VAT)

Phottix X160 LED COB Bi-Color is a powerful continuous led monolight for photography and video. It uses the latest Flicker-Free LED technology, which makes it efficient and durable.

The Phottix X160 LED Light has an output power of 150W which provides a quantity of light up to 37000lux @ 1m (with Standard reflector). The quality of the light emitted has an excellent color rendering of 96+ CRI, with a wide range of color temperature adjustment of 2800-6800K. can be combined with Bowens attachment accessories and modifiers.

Phottix Green Seamless Photography Backdrop Muslin (3x6m)

89,00 (ex VAT)

The Phottix Green Seamless Photography Backdrop Muslin (3x6m) – perfect for studio use.


  • Finished on all sides to prevent tears
  • Dry clean or machine washable
Provides a full backdrop

The Phottix Green Seamless Photography Backdrop Muslin (3x6m) is the perfect background for classic studio portraits. It is finished on all sides to prevent tears and is simple to store without creating clutter. This backdrop is the perfect accompaniment to the Phottix Saldo Background Stand Kit.

The seamless material ensures that finished photos have a consistent background. Made from a high quality muslin material it does not reflect light so the object in front of it will be correctly illuminated.

Phottix M1000R RGB Panel LED Light

274,00 (ex VAT)

The Phottix M1000R RGB Light is a compact and powerful light source for still and video photography. It uses the latest in flicker-free LED technology, making it more efficient and durable.

The Phottix M1000R RGB Light features:

  • Excellent color rendering – CRI 96 (TLCI 98 )
  • Long-life, Low-Heat LEDs
  • Long-Life Built-In Battery
  • Adjustable brightness and color temperature
  • Full 0-360ºcolor hue and saturation adjustment
  • 21 preset scenario effects
  • Use as a power bank to charge other devices
  • Compact size – 13.7mm thick

Phottix Q-drop Collapsible Backdrop Kit (4-color, 1.5m x 4m)

185,00 (ex VAT)

The Phottix Q-Drop Collapsible Backdrop Kit is ideal for live streaming, zooming, interviews, portraits, youtube, tutorials, post-production keying, imaginative backgrounds, and product photography.

This 1,5m x 4m backdrop kit is easy to assemble in minutes, is completely self-supporting, and stows away neatly in its own carry case.

The lightweight aluminum background frame has eight sections, and each section can be locked by another’s pipe joint. The ultra-thin frame structure has an elastic cord that runs through it for easy positioning and the flat leg supports attach and secure quickly.

No need for a clamp or light stand. This versatile kit includes a 1,5m x 4m blue/green muslin background as well as a 1,5m x 4m black/white muslin background that simply attaches via the Velcro straps.

What’s included:
• Backdrop frame x 1 • Backdrop stand x 2 • Carry bag x 1
• Backdrop stand gasket x 2 • Backdrop stand screw x 2
• Green / Blue Muslin background x 1 • Black / White Muslin background x 1

Phottix AR35 Boom Arm Stand

9,00 (ex VAT)
Phottix AR35 is a foldable studio arm for microphones, LED lights, webcams and many other devices with a 1/4 ”screw connection. The clamp attachment allows stable mounting on tables or other rigid surfaces for optimal height and angle adjustment of the arm.

The maximum height of the arm is 83cm, offering a simple adjustment of the position. The 1/4 “screw connection can be rotated 180 ° and is compatible with microphones, cameras, LED lights and much more. The maximum capacity is 1.5kg.

A microphone clip (diameter 2.2cm to 3cm), table screw attachment (max. 5.5cm) and adapters for 3/8 “and 5/8” screws is included.

Phottix F-180 Light Stand (H/180cm/71″)

23,00 (ex VAT)
Phottix F-180 with a minimum height of 46cm is one of the lowest stands available and weighs just 1kg. The maximum height of 180cm allows optimal positioning for full-length portraits and thanks to the closure with inverted legs, it closes to take up minimal space, excellent for transport to location.

Phottix Padat Carbon Fiber Compact Light Stand (198cm/78″)

108,00 (ex VAT)
The Phottix Padat Carbon 198 carbon stand is the lightest light stand in the world with a weight of only 600g . With a closed length of only 66cm it fits into any backpack or travel bag and despite its small size it adapts to any situation with a maximum height extension of 198cm. It is supplied with a standard spigot with 1/4 ”screw .


  • Maximum height: 198cm
  • Closed length: 66cm
  • Attachment: Screw 1/4 “
  • Maximum support: 1.5kg
  • Weight: 600g

Phottix-MT-One Mini Tripod

14,00 (ex VAT)
Phottix MT-ONE is a small portable tripod that can be used as a stand for smartphones, microphones and cameras or as a hand-grip (selfie stick type) for video shooting with smartphone and microphone or LED light.

Phottix Easy Up HD Umbrella Softbox with Grid 90x90cm

54,00 (ex VAT)
The Softboxes of the Phottix Easy up range are quick and easy to assemble, perfect for outdoor shooting.


– Quick to assemble

-It folds like a normal umbrella

– Re-entering diffuser sheet

-Includes removable grille

Phottix Gear Bag (120cm/48″)

55,00 (ex VAT)
A practical bag perfect for transporting stands. Internal length 120cm

  • 2 external pockets with zip closure
  • adjustable internal dividers and straps to lock the stands
  • adjustable handle grips
  • removable shoulder strap

Phottix Padat Carbon Fiber Compact Light Stand (200cm/79″)

122,00 (ex VAT)
Phottix Padat Carbon 200 is simultaneously a light stand and a camera monopod.
In addition to folding flat like the aluminum Padat, the Padat Carbon 200 additionally offers extremely light characteristics as its central structure is made of carbon fiber.
Furthermore, the central shaft can be easily removed becoming a practical, compact and very light camera monopod.

Another feature of the Padata Carbon 200 is the possibility, thanks to a leveling leg, of being able to be opened even on uneven or uneven surfaces and even on stairways while maintaining the verticality of the central column.

– Maximum height: 2m
– Small footprint for transport
– Ideal for travel and work on location
– Perfect for hot shoe flashes and lightweight torches
– Removable carbon central shaft
– Leveling leg

Closed dimensions: 495mm X 79mm X 47mm
Weight: 940g
Maximum load: 1,5Kg

Phottix Nuada R3II LED Light Twin Kit Set

370,00 (ex VAT)
Phottix Nuada R3 II Twin Kit includes two LED lights Nuada R3 II, two stands and a remote control .

Phottix Nuada R3 II is a circular LED illuminator with 50W power and adjustable color temperature . It uses the latest LED technology that allows it to deliver very high quality light with a compact and easily transportable form factor. Included in the Phottix ECO1 ecosystem, it can be controlled remotely thanks to the remote control with LCD display included. Transport bag also included.

  • Soft LED light with a total power of 50W
  • 2.4G remote radio control with 3 Groups and 40 Channels ( Phottix ECO1 )
  • CRI & gt; 95, TLCI & gt; 98
  • Accurate digital control via power and color temperature display ( 3200K 5600K )
  • Mains (100V- 240V) and battery powered (V-mount / Sony-NP)
  • Very thin : only 12mm
  • Lightweight : 1.5 Kg

Phottix Kali50 Studio LED

132,00 (ex VAT)
The new member of the Phottix family, Kali 50, is a LED panel characterized by a maximum brightness of 1800 Lux (50W) that uses very high quality LEDs with a color rendering index of 96 CRI using the latest Flicker technology. free. Everything is enclosed in an extremely light and resistant aluminum body.

Kali 50 can be comfortably controlled from a distance thanks to the remote control with display included in the package.

Phottix Nuada S3 LED Light

117,00 (ex VAT)
Phottix Nuada S3 is a superior quality LED panel. It produces a soft and powerful light and is perfect for both video and photography use.
It allows you to adjust the color temperature and light intensity accurately thanks to the clear LED display
It can be powered either from the mains with the power supply supplied as standard or from the battery
It is the ideal product for still-life photography and for video and live-streaming applications

Phottix Nuada P LED Light

32,00 (ex VAT)
Phottix Nuada is the new generation of LED illuminators designed by Phottix.
Nuada P is a compact and rectangular panel (255x100mm) ideal as accent light and for still-life
It provides soft illumination and the light quality boasts a CRI & gt; 95, is equipped with digital control of power and color temperature.
It can be powered by a SONY-NP type battery (supplied as standard with the battery charger) or by current (12V DC power supply NOT INCLUDED)
The articulated joint is supplied as standard for mounting on a flash shoe or on a stand
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