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Manfrotto 013 – Adapter Spigot

8,21(9,85 inc. US VAT)

Universal 16 mm spigot with double male thread 1/4 ” and 3/8 ”.
Ideal in conjunction with the Superclamp to install light points in positions where it is not possible to use a stand.


Manfrotto 018 – Caster Wheel Set

51,00(61,20 inc. US VAT)
  • Suitable for a tube with a diameter of 22mm
  • Facilitates the positioning of the light
  • Smooth rolling

Manfrotto 035 – Super Clamp

25,94(31,13 inc. US VAT)
A true standard in the field of clamps for photographic applications. Ergonomic lever to stop the clamping position safely.

Suitable for a thousand uses: blocking a cable or a backdrop, joining two stands or, in conjunction with a spigot, installing a light point in the most unexpected and inaccessible places!


Manfrotto 046MC – Expan Set, metal black chain

117,58(141,10 inc. US VAT)
  • Fast and efficient background unrolling mechanism
  • Insert the Expan into the background roll
  • Maximum payload 10kg
  • Includes metal chain
  • To raise / lower the backdrops without moving the support stand

Manfrotto 047-2 – Two Section Aluminium-Core 2.7m

63,00(75,60 inc. US VAT)

Aluminium core in 2 sections, diameter: 50mm for uncored back round paper. Has adhesive tape for sticking paper. Length: 275cm.

  • It allows you to use the Expan with paper or cloth backgrounds
  • This Alu-Core is 9′ (2.7 m) long
  • Made of aluminium

Manfrotto 047-3 – Two Section Aluminium-Core 3.6m

83,25(99,90 inc. US VAT)

Aluminium core in 2 sections, for uncored back round paper. Has adhesive tape for sticking on paper. Length: 366cm.

  • It allows you to use the Expan with paper or cloth backgrounds
  • This Alu-Core is 3.6 m long
  • Made of aluminium

Manfrotto 1004BAC – Master Lighting Stand, Aluminium, Air Cushioned, Black

136,00(163,20 inc. US VAT)
  • 4-section stand with payload up to 9Kg
  • 1004BAC stand attaches to others for easy transport
  • Cushioning protects fingers and equipment
  • Spigot with 3/8 ” thread and removable 1 / 4-20 ” attachment
  • 106cm opening for maximum stability

Manfrotto 1314B – Background Support Kit, Bag and Spring Clamps

241,58(289,90 inc. US VAT)
Background support system
The kit includes: stands max height 237cm, clamps, telescopic pole max 290cm
Maximum payload 10kg
Supplied with carrying bag
Weight of 4.2kg

Everything you need for a perfect backdrop in one bag. Our complete backdrop set consists of stands, stands, clamps, rods and a handy bag. With this innovative backdrop kit, you no longer have to worry about forgetting a few essential pieces in your studio. Take it with you and rest assured, because it will all be in one place.

Designed to support backdrops in roll or flat, cardboard or any other material. You will always be ready for anything, whatever the request. In the made-to-measure case, you will find: 1 3-section telescopic pole, 2 Baby Stands, 2 Mini Spring Clamps. A truly complete backdrop set!

Our background set is super handy and easy to carry, weighing only 4.2kg. Thanks to the aluminum body, you can count on a stand of great strength and resistance. It can support up to 10kg, making it an ideal choice for those who have to support heavy materials. It can stretch up to a maximum height of 237 cm, but when closed it occupies only 86cm.


Manfrotto 175 – Spring Clamp (clamps on to bars up to 40mm)

21,60(25,92 inc. US VAT)
Multi-purpose, reliable and resistant, the spring clamp for bars up to 40mm is an indispensable element for any photographer’s equipment. Ideal for both studio and location use, this spring loaded pliers are lightweight and portable and ensure excellent grip every time.
Compatible with bars up to 40mm, this clamp can be used for different purposes and is also compatible with lighting stands, thanks to its spigot adapter. You can use it to hold backdrops, lights and even other clamps. Thanks to this product, you will be able to work faster and more efficiently and you can be sure that your equipment will be fully insured and protected.
Easy to assemble, it features a 15.9mm universal shank with 6.35mm connection for maximum versatility, being able to use a wide variety of attachments.

Manfrotto 237 – Flexible Arm

29,24(35,09 inc. US VAT)
Flexible arm to support subjects, accessories, reflective panels, filters and small props up to 300g in weight.

Used with two Super Clamp or a Super Clamp and a Spring Clamp (available for purchase separately) Flex Arm represents an irreplaceable assistant on still life sets … and more!

  • Holds gobos, reflectors, flash heads and props
  • Diameter of 13mm, length 55cm
  • Supplied with hexagonal pin to fit Super Clamp 035
  • Payload 0.3kg

Manfrotto 272B – Black Background Support 3-Section

64,69(77,63 inc. US VAT)
Adaptable support with 3/8 ” universal top connection
Designed to fit various sized columns and pipes
Portable, three-section design
It can be extended up to 298cm
Made of lightweight and durable aluminum

Manfrotto 420NSB -Combi-Boom Stand, Black

195,75(234,90 inc. US VAT)
  • Durable aluminum
  • Quick and easy set-up
  • It stretches from 1.1m to 2.1m
  • Ideal for portrait or product photography
  • Designed for light to medium weight equipment

Manfrotto LB1142 – Solo Background Support 4m Heavy Duty

371,00(445,20 inc. US VAT)
Exclusive Lastolite by Manfrotto background support kit with a particular pivoting joint that makes lifting the backdrop simple and safe, even if carried out by one person only.



Manfrotto 003 – Backlite Stand without Pole

32,00(38,40 inc. US VAT)

Low light stand

This stand allows you to mount a light almost on the floor, with a minimum height from the ground of 9 cm. The base is easy to store because it folds flat and takes up minimal space. The product is also equipped with a male connection and is made of steel.


Manfrotto 045 – Background Paper Triple Hooks

39,79(47,75 inc. US VAT)
  • The triple hook can be fixed to a wall with the supplied studs and screws
  • designed for use with Expan unrolling system
  • Practical for attaching paper backdrops

Manfrotto 420B – Combi-boom stand Black Aluminium with Sandbag

187,80(225,36 inc. US VAT)
The combi-boom stand is a flexible and sturdy stand to hold your photo / video lights.

Designed to be practical, versatile and lightweight, you will always find it easy to install. Just extend the rod to the maximum height and press a lever to have the giraffe arm ready for use. This quick functionality ensures that the Combi-boom stand is easy and flexible to use. The sandbag to be used as a counterweight will ensure maximum stability.

Manfrotto 012B – Backlite Stand Black

70,00(84,00 inc. US VAT)

Low light stand with removable column

This low light stand made of aluminum is ideal to use to reach heights ranging up to 85cm. It can also be used alone, with the base reaching a minimum height of 9cm from the ground. The product is equipped with an additional 5/8 ” male connection.

Manfrotto D200B – Avenger Grip Head 2 1/2” black

30,81(36,97 inc. US VAT)
Avenger 65mm joint
It allows to be firmly fixed on the head of a light stand and to hook the pole of a flag by rotating it to position it perfectly.

Manfrotto D230 – Super Clamp Grip Head (black)

56,57(67,88 inc. US VAT)
Joint Avenger Super Grip Head D230
Thanks to the integrated Superclamp, it allows you to hook the pole of a flag to any support (pole pole / top / etc.) by rotating it to position it perfectly according to need.
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